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AgPresidents' provides "one stop shopping".  We are diverse in our culture and in the many facets of agriculture we represent.  Diversity is what make the AgPresidents' unique.

Agricultural Diversity

Many consumers may not realize the many layers of agriculture that exist.  Our food, fiber and floral, does not come from the grocery and department stores, and the persons responsible for it arriving there are not just farmers.  There are many layers of agriculture that may not be well-known but that are represented by the AgPresidents'.

California agriculture may start with a seed or an animal, both of which need nutrients in the form of fertilizers or vitamins, and must be provided with care and attention.  Along the way, production and harvesting equipment come into play.  Some commodities leave the farm for processing and all are ultimately packaged and shipped for sale.

AgPresidents' represents every layer of the agricultural process, from our farms to your family.  We provide a diversity beyond just a variety of commodities which allows us to speak broadly on behalf of agriculture.

Cultural Diversity

The culture of farming can vary.  AgPresidents' members include the African American Farmers of California and the Nisei Farmers League (see our About AgPresidents' page).  The Nisei Farmers League was formed by Japanese farmers.  Nisei is Japanese for the first generation born in America.  In addition, many farmers represented by the AgPresidents' are small family farmers.  The people who work on the farm are the same people they sit across from at the dinner table: spouses, parents, children and siblings.  While small family farms are still very much a part of California's agriculture, there are other farms that are larger and have employees beyond their family.  Small family farms, large farms, and everything in between help make up the diverse culture of California agriculture.  AgPresidents' is proud to include the many cultures of agriculture within its membership.

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