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Supplying the World

AgPresidents' members supply the world with their commodities, produced with state of the art, science-based and sustainable practices, and moved to domestic and international markets.   California's agricultural abundance includes more than 400 commodities.  According to the  National Agricultural Statistics Service, the state produces nearly half of U.S.-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables, and more than two-thirds of the cut flower production.  Across the nation, U.S. consumers regularly purchase many commodities produced solely in California.  

In addition to supplying the U.S. with our agricultural bounty, California exports approximately 21 percent of it's agricultural production.  According to the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, agricultural exports for California have accounted for approximately 12 to 13 percent of the total U.S. agricultural export value.  Within California, agricultural exports account for more than 40% of the goods moving through the Port of Oakland, making it the most exported good through that port, ranks second on the list for the Port of Los Angeles, and among the top five through the Port of Long Beach.  Our exports supply the world and are also responsible for tens of thousands of maritime and goods movement jobs in California. 

Rice is one of California’s top agricultural exports, with about two million tons shipped to overseas customers on average each year.  Japan is the top export market for California rice, with about one billion pounds shipped there each year.  Rice is the biggest volume product shipped out of the Port of West Sacramento.  California farmers grow japonica style rice, sticky varieties that are popular in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. 

To learn more about California agriculture supplying the world, please read the following reports:

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